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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Barn Loft - Kris Says Good-bye

It's June, and Barn Loft has officially closed its doors. I turned in my keys on Saturday. As Michelle pointed out, it was like the last episode of Friends-'just leave the keys right here'...sniff, sniff
It's been a great year!

We've both learned a lot, what we like, what we don't like, what our strengths and weaknesses was a great learning experience and we both have figured out what direction we want to go.

 For me, I'll miss walking into this happy sunny mill studio, with its exposed brick walls, big windows, high ceiling, and wood floor. I'll miss dressing 'Mary' up for the monthly shows.

I'll miss staging (fluffing!) for the next show-always the best part-it always amazes me how it looks when its done.

I'll miss craft night with the ladies (and the wine!)
But, most of all, I'll miss working (laughing) with Michelle.
We will still get together to go shopping (YAY!) and we'll host sales together in the future, and hopefully some workshops. I wish her the best of luck (even though she doesn't need the luck! You've got TALENT girl!) Thank you to all our customers! We have enjoyed meeting and getting to know you and your families. I know that we will see you again at our future endeavours. Until then...


  1. Sorry you had to part ways in your business.But there will be many more opportunities for both of your talented ladies.And hey what could be better than shopping together anyway :-)Best wishes to you both.I know good things are headed your way for you two!

    1. Thanks Anne. You must always 'try' and keep learning, right?! As one door closes...literally...another opens!

  2. Good luck to you both!!! Always loved seeing your mill store set up :) ~Bre

    1. Thanks Bre! We'll let you know where we go from here.